Welcome to Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours

We are your gateway to unforgettable experiences revolving around our amazing local craft beer and distillery scene on the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland and Noosa regions.

About Us

Our dedicated team of knowledgeable tour guides will take you on an immersive journey, providing you with exclusive access behind the scenes of our local breweries and distilleries.

You’ll meet the passionate local brewers, hear their captivating stories, gain insight into the brewing process, and enjoy the broad range of our locally crafted beers.

Our story began in 2016, driven by a profound love for supporting our local beer industry and a deep appreciation for the Sunshine Coast, Josh Donohoe had a eureka moment, leading to the birth of Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours.

Today, the Sunshine Coast region boasts an impressive 21 breweries, with our private/custom tours offered seven days a week, and scheduled shared-day tours available five days a week.

Over the past seven years, the Sunshine Coast has witnessed remarkable growth, attracting highly respected and award-winning brewers who are putting our region on the global beer map.

Our core mission is to showcase the remarkable talents of our local brewers, the exceptional local produce, and the breathtaking beauty of the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland, and Noosa.

By providing you with an authentic local experience and connecting you with captivating local stories, we aim to create memories that you’ll cherish and share, whether you’re recounting them at home or on your future travels.

Meet Josh Donohoe, Our Owner

A relative newcomer to the Sunshine Coast, Josh Donohoe made the move north in 2015 from the busy innerwest suburbs of Sydney to the beaches and relaxed lifestyle of the coast.

Having always searched for local beer in his international travels over the past 20 years in places like Germany, Belgium, the UK, Prague and Boston, he was fortunate enough to find himself living in Sydney when Young Henry’s opened their doors in a neighbouring suburb, with breweries like Grifter, Batch and Rocks Brewing Co also setting up shop close by.

With only one brewery on the Sunshine Coast back in 2015 when he first arrived, there wasn’t really a need for a brewery tour business and Josh found himself searching for craft beer in bottle shops and local bars with limited success. Within the space of a year, there were 3 more breweries set up and rumours of plenty more on the way. The idea to start a brewery tour business was born!

An avid beer fan and storyteller, Josh has been a huge supporter and advocate for the local craft beer industry, promoting it to Australia and the world through his brewery tour business, various tourism channels and conferences he attends.

His successful tour business has grown to incorporate local wineries, distilleries, and a range of local farms and producers with local stories and local produce featuring as a big part of the experience.

When he’s not behind the wheel running a tour, you might find Josh down at the beach with his dogs, taking his motorbike for a ride through the Hinterland, planning his next beer holiday (which is easy with a wife who also loves beer), or more likely down at a local brewery or craft beer bar sampling the latest seasonal releases.

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