Beer Destinations – South Coast Ale Trail

The South Coast Ale Trail is like the ultimate road trip for beer lovers, stretching over 300kms from Wollongong to Pambula near the Victorian border, hitting up 27 awesome craft breweries along some seriously stunning coastline.

Each brewery has its own vibe, from quirky setups like the Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine to laid-back joints like Broulee Brewhouse. Then there’s the legendary Dromedary Hotel housing Tilba Brewing – it’s like stepping back in time! Plus there is Camelrock Brewery which is conveniently located in a Holiday Park.

Why do people rave about this trail? Simple – it’s got something for everyone. Whether you’re into fancy eats at Resin and Swordfish Brewing, slurping down fresh oysters at Longstocking, or munching on grub from food trucks at South Yeast Brewing, you’ll find something you like. And let’s not forget Seeker Brewing, winning awards left, right, and centre for their killer brews.

Being part of South Coast Experiences rocks because it’s all about teamwork. We love teaming up with other South Coast spots to show off everything this place has to offer.

So what’s the future hold for the South Coast Ale Trail? Get ready for some seriously unique brews. Lots of the breweries are already cooking up special batches using local ingredients. With hops from Bemboka, yeast from Wollongong, and malt from Whitton, this region’s local brew game is on point!

Check out the trail map here

Josh Donohoe

Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours